Why choose lyndal

Who do you want as your Photographer?

Whether you are planning a huge production for your wedding, a secret intimate elopement or anything else in between, you are definitely in the right place. My name is Lyndal Gibson and with my husband Peter, we are the team behind Lyndal Gibson Photography.

Are you looking for someone that takes care of every detail, someone that will help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera rather than feeling awkward and self-conscious?

This is where we come in! We are passionate about capturing the true emotion and essence of your special day.

We always strive to capture you in the most natural and comfortable ways possible and often the photos that are taken when you are not aware of the camera are the best. Our aim is to create a day to remember—filled with fun, laughter, tears of joy, and tons of emotion.

What I love the most about photography is being able to capture important moments in time—your first child, a diamond anniversary, or your wedding day.

Time does not stand still for anyone, it is constantly moving; to capture the rawness and emotion of such a significant day for my clients is something that brings me so much joy.

Photography is the one thing that you can look back on to remember memories and emotions of days gone by.

Do you need a second shooter?

Often my husband Peter and I team up for shoots that require extra support. A second shooter provides you with many different views and angles that you wouldn’t otherwise get.   I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on those unexpected images that need the second photographer, that otherwise would be missed.

I often like to think it allows me to be in two places at once! This is very useful if you and your partner are getting ready in two different locations for your wedding or other event.

And for those of you that are having their family portraits, having a second shooter is useful not just for preparation but as a great distraction while I concentrate on getting that perfect shot.

We do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and at ease during the process. Photography for me is a gift; not everyone has the talent to capture the special moments.

It’s about getting that balance between the lighting, the setup and composure. 

It is all part of what we do.