Value and quality versus price

I get frustrated when a prospective client makes a decision with regard to their photography needs based on dollars and cents. I understand that it all comes down to budget and there will be limitations on how much a couple can invest in their wedding day. I am sure I can accommodate most budgets. Remember, your photos are an investment that will last a lifetime.

I try to show my clients the value and effort that goes into making their wedding day a day to remember forever. I am passionate about getting great results and doing the very best that I can to make their day extra special. I am not the cheapest or the most expensive photographer in town. You will find that my packages will accommodate most people’s needs. The quality I provide is built on experience and expertise within the field. Have a read about what past clients have said about us. You will not be disappointed. Remember, at the end of the day you will only get what you pay for.

If you decide to use our services you will not be disappointed, the time and effort that goes into the selection and editing of those precious moments is second to none. Imagine trying to sort through 1200 or so photos, it is not an easy task, and then deciding what the client would really like. We refuse to give you every photo, as some of them may have someone’s hand in the way, or maybe the person was in the middle of a conversation and their mouth is wide open, not an attractive look. I only give the very best of what was taken on the day.

My prints and albums are printed at Atkins one on the top photo labs in Adelaide, possibly Australia. Paul Atkins and his team are renowned for their quality and effort that goes behind the scenes in producing top quality work that is of archival quality; it will not fade or discolour over the years, these photos will more than likely outlive you to pass on to future generations.