5 More Photography Tricks We Wish We Learned Sooner

1. Know Your Lights

Lighting is a crucial component in every kind of photography. If you want to produce top photo shoots, you have to know the science of lights and understand which light is best for which style. Near or far lights, natural or enhanced, diffused or reflected – you’ll need to know their impact to make conscious choices as a professional and an artist.

2. Use Flash Outside Too

That’s right. This always sounds strange for beginners and amateurs, but flash in outdoor photography is not only reasonable, it’s even necessary in situations when the sunlight is so bright that it darkens up your subject entirely. So don’t be afraid, embrace the light.

3. Backup!

You really don’t want to become the main figure in a horror story in which hundreds or thousands of photos vanish into thin air. Backup often and backup smart. The best thing is to backup as soon after the session as possible. Don’t settle for an external drive only. Make sure you have cloud storage for your work as well.

4. Backgrounds Change Everything

Never disregard the importance of the background when you compose the photo’s framing. It can be just as significant to the final product as the actual subject. Whether you want to blur it or to sharpen it, whether it should be smooth or “noisy,” make sure you include the background in your overall plan for the shoot.

5. Shoot Whenever You Can

It’s great to follow the advice of experienced photographers. There’s much to learn from the time and effort they have invested in making mistakes and in perfecting their skills. But ultimately, your biggest progress as a photographer will come from your own experience. To develop an intuitive technique and a unique style, try to shoot every day and challenge yourself to shoot in new and unfamiliar environment.

Article taken from Wix.com